Sheet Vinyl Installation

Vinyl wears well, resists water and is one of the most affordable flooring options available. Installing a sheet vinyl floor is a great choice for your home and business.

The durability, practicality, and value of vinyl flooring has made it a popular choice in a variety of residential and commercial installations.

Characteristics of Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Less Expensive: Sheet vinyl generally costs less than tile or plank materials.

Impermeable To Moisture: Probably the biggest advantage of sheet vinyl over tile is the fact that it can usually be installed in just one or two solid, unbroken pieces. That means that you do not have seams running between individual pieces. Seams are like vulnerable chinks in the defensive surface of your floor, through which small particles of water can seep to do unspeakable damage to your subfloor. With sheet vinyl you just have to make sure that the material is secure at the edges of the room, and that any overlapping pieces are sealed and bonded using adhesive and heat.

Design Options: With individual tiles you have to try and create a composite design across your floor. In some cases you will be able to effect a mosaic pattern, but the disassembled nature of tile is such that manufacturers can not give a lot of attention to the big picture. In sheet form printed vinyl can be inscribed with almost any pattern, color, or image that you desire. This is printed right into the surface layer of the floor covering, and is then installed directly into the room without having to worry about assembly. With solid and composite vinyl tiles you will have fewer specific print options, but will be able to create large, unbroken patterns of random color across the entire installation.

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