5 Tips for Choosing the Best Commercial Flooring for Your Business

Commercial Flooring in Houston

Are you trying to choose between carpet, tile, wood or a synthetic flooring material? Weighing the pros and cons can be quite time-consuming and overbearing, we created a list of five important things to consider when selecting the right commercial flooring for your business.

Everyone wants a floor that’s durable, easy to maintain and designed to last. But here’s what you might be overlooking:

1. What kind of feeling and image are you trying to create?

Aesthetics are important when choosing your flooring. Certain types of flooring are more inviting, absorb sound for a quieter environment, and even convey a feeling about your company’s style and values. For example, a company that champions sustainability may want to choose reclaimed wood, cork or an eco-friendly material to reflect that. Remember that in the end, your flooring can be seen as a reflection of your business and what it stands for.

2. Limit your risk with flooring that’s safe for your customers and staff.

Marble, terrazzo and tile are great in terms of durability. But they are very slippery when it’s raining or snowing, and water gets tracked in from outdoors. Consider the weather conditions in your region throughout the year. Think about how you’ll keep your flooring dry to prevent accidents.

3. Consider the trends — but remember that they’re trends.

From wood-look plank and large-format tile to the resurgence of terrazzo, flooring trends are always changing. It’s important to choose something that will last not only in terms of durability, but in style. If your business thrives on your image reflecting the latest trends, your floor will need to be replaced more often.

4. What happens if your floor is damaged?

Certain types of flooring are easier to repair or replace when nicked, scratched or stained. Carpet tiles are a logical solution, for instance. They account for more than 50 percent of commercial carpet sales, according to Building Design + Construction magazine. Luxury vinyl tiles are also easier to replace individually than repairing a section of sheet vinyl or linoleum. Wood has the edge over laminate because you can sand down and refinish wood. Laminate must be replaced and often requires replacing more than just the affected board, depending on the location.

5. An easy-to-maintain floor protects your image.

If you decide to install a type of flooring that needs a high degree of upkeep and cleaning, be prepared to commit to that. A dirty or deteriorating floor does not make a good impression on your customers. And your employees won’t want to come to work in that type of environment either. Select colors, patterns and materials that are easy to clean, disguise dirt and traffic marks, and can be refinished as needed.

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08 Commercial Flooring in Houston

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Commercial Flooring in Houston

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